About Us

Adeling is a shop that celebrates Filipino culture and all the different shades it comes in.

Our products highlight shared Filipino experiences and cultural icons, conveying our pride in our unique culture. We pay homage to our people's joyfulness, resilience, and the profound love we have for those dear to us. 

We aim to elevate and uplift our community by working with creatives in the Philippines as well as the diaspora. All of our products are exclusively made or designed by Filipino artists and artisans.

We hope our keepsakes evoke nostalgia and remind you of your rich and beautiful heritage.

Our Name

The name Adeling is based on the Filipino naming custom of combining names to create a new name.

The namesakes of Adeling are Mel's grandparents, Adelaida and Ding (although she prefers to lovingly call them 'grama' and 'grampa').

She took both their names to create the name Adeling, pronounced ad - eh - LING.

Fun fact: Adeling's logo was actually created by Grama Adelaida, who wrote it by hand.